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Environmental measures

The cottage has been insulated to well above the building regulation requirements using sustainable materials and is equipped wherever possible with AAA rated appliances. Oil fired central heating is supplied – there being no gas available – but it is supplemented with solar panels for hot water and two wood burning stoves for space heating.

We supply eco-friendly washing and cleaning products, and avoid the use of toxic and non-biodegradable substances. Our bedding is mainly organic cotton.

Energy consumption

We monitor the consumption of each fuel and seek ways of reducing it without reducing comfort.  This will include:

Recording electricity consumption with the help of an Owl monitor, and turning off all electrical appliances when not in use, including those normally on ‘stand-by’.

Installing LED and low consumption light bulbs throughout.

Making regular reviews of electricity prices and suppliers from renewable sources.

We have installed solar panels to provide hot water and photovoltaic panels for electricity during daylight hours.

Maintaining regular checks on oil consumption and best current prices.

Regularly reviewing new equipment as it comes on the market, assessing its effectiveness and, when affordable, installing it.



We provide suitable containers for recycling packaging and encourage guests to dispose of glass, cans, paper and plastic in the bins in the local pub car park.
We encourage guests to ‘bag it & bin it’ so that toxic material is not introduced into the environment.
We have two compost heaps so all uncooked food waste can be used to make compost for the garden
Two water butts provide water for the garden.

Local involvement

We promote local food suppliers to our guests and provide a welcome basket for them to sample local produce.
Local workpeople are used for all building work to the cottage.
We involve ourselves in local community activities and enterprises
We offer free weekend accommodation to a local MS centre.


How our visitors can share these commitments 

  • Adopt the ‘countryside code’ when walking or cycling on the many paths in the forest.

  • Use water butts to clean off boots and bikes.

  • Record in our nature book any wildlife, plants or anything you have noted during your stay.

  • Let us know if you run out of any products which we supply and leave containers for us to refill with eco-friendly brands.

  • Use the bags we have provided for shopping instead of plastic bags.

  • Follow our suggestions for the disposal of various types of waste so that they cause minimum pollution.

  • Turn off electrical equipment (lights, television, hi-fi, cooker etc) when not in use.

  • Explore ways of enjoying your holiday with minimum use of your car (and exploring public transport!).

  • Give us more ideas on sustainable living!

We want all our guests to enjoy the pleasures of the forest and the comforts of our cottage for the foreseeable future, which we believe means making some commitments and asking our visitors to taking a few easy steps with us to minimize our impact on the environment.
We provide information and incentives to our guests about how to get to us by public transport, and which activities can be undertaken without using a car.

2 Danby Cottages - Green Policy

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